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How to upload a 2011 Joint Sessions of Workshops Paper

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As a member of the Standing Group on Voting Behaviour and Public Opinion in a comparative perspective, you can add your articles to this site. If you are not a member of the Standing Group please read how you can become a member. Also, please watch the video tutorial at

As a Standing Group member and authenticated user of this site, you can click the link "Create content" (in the left sidebar) and in the new page click the link "Publication"

From the "Publication Type" drop down menu select "Workshop Paper"

Enter the following details:
Title: type the title of your paper
Author Name(s): type the name(s) of the author(s)
Event Name: ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops
Workshop title: type the title of your workshop
Event Location: St. Gallen
Year: 2011
Abstract: click the link to expand the field and type your abstract
Keywords: Separate keywords using the "," character
and upload the paper click the link "File attachments" near the bottom of the page to expand the field.

After attaching your paper click save and you are done.