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ECPR General Conference Panel on Parties, Party Systems, and Electoral Reform: Causes and Consequences

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I forward a message sent by Pedro Riera:

José Ramón Montero (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) and I are organizing a panel entitled "Parties, Party Systems, and Electoral Reform": Causes and Consequences" for the upcoming ECPR General Conference (next August in Reykjavik).

As we say in the abstract,¨"In this panel we call for papers considering both the motivations of electoral reforms in the interparty dimension as well as their consequences. Comparative analyses and case-studies are welcomed. They can focus on the national or the regional level, and we invite mostly empirical papers, although more tehoretical works on the impact of institutional change for the notion of representation and democracy will also be taken into account".

The link to our panel is:

If you are interested in participating in our panel, please send us an email *by the end of January ( )*, indicating title and abstract of the paper proposed.

Thanks in advance,

José Ramón Montero & Pedro Riera