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Newsletter May/June 2011

1. The Reykjavik General Conference

All details regarding the various sections and panels for the Reykjavik conference are now settled and available on the ECPR website.

Here are the details regarding the sections which the standing group has supported:

Section 46 - Mass Politics in the EU: Public Opinion, Elections, and Referendums

Section 66 - Old and New Models in Electoral Research. Comparative Perspectives

Then we would like to remind you of the early registration discounted for the Reykjavik conference if you register before 1 June. So if you have not registered yet, you might save some euro by doing it today!

2. Information about accepted workshops for the Antwerp Joint Sessions of Workshops

The workshops that are accepted are now available:

Or here with a short description of each of the workshops:

The list includes one of the workshops the standing group has supported, namely:

Policy Feedback, Political Behaviour, and Democratic Citizenship in European Welfare States
Workshop directors:
Staffan Kumlin, University of Gothenburg, Sweden and Institute for
Social Research, Oslo, Norway
Isabelle Stadelmann-Steffen, University of Konstanz, Germany and
University of Berne, Switzerland

3. The summer school course on Political Psychology: Citizen Behaviors and Opinions lectures by Patrick Fournier

We would like to remind you about the summer school course lectured by Patrick Fournier which the standing group has initiated. It is still possible to submit your application.

The course has been welcomed very well: About 15 participants have been registered so far, but the summer school can accept additional participants. Information about the course can be found here:

4. Information about IPSA

The executive Committee of IPSA has decided to hold the IPSA World Congress of Political Science every two years instead of three. The next world congress will be held in Madrid next year. Information about the 2012 congress in Madrid can be found here:

The fact that both the IPSA Congress and the ECPR General Conference are arranged every second year and in different years implies that it might be easy to attend both of them.

According to the May 2011 Newsletter from IPSA some new research committees are established.

Among them there is one on Elections, Citizens and Parties (IPSA-ECP) (Research Committee 23) chaired by Pippa Norris and Donley Studlar

This Research Committee will replace IPSA's former RC on Comparative Representation and Electoral Systems.

And then there is another new research committee on Comparative Public Opinion (RC17) chaired by Christian W. Haerpfer.

IPSA is then doing the same as we did some years ago when we initiated and organised our standing group. We congratulate them and hope for a constructive cooperation!

5. Other news - What else is new in

  • Festschrift for Jacques Thomassen: “How Democracy Works: Political Representation and Policy Congruence in Modern Societies” (Amsterdam University Press, 2011). Free via Open Access and how to buy it at reduced price:
  • Post-doc advertisement at Canada Research Chair in Electoral Studies. The deadline for applications is June 1, 2011 or until the position is filled:

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