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How Democracy Works - free via Open Access

Message sent by Martin Rosema:

Dear colleague,

We would like to inform you that our new book entitled “How Democracy Works: Political Representation and Policy Congruence in Modern Societies” is now available via Open Access and can be downloaded for free from the following website:

Hardcopies of the book are available via Chicago University Press (USA), Manchester University Press (UK) and Amsterdam University Press (Europe/other). Amsterdam University Press provides 20% discount via the order form (€31,95 instead of €39,95).

This volume brings together some of the best and fresh work by several leading scholars in our field. They analyze the functioning of modern democracies by focusing on two basic principles: political representation and policy congruence. Drawing on recent survey data from a variety of national and international research projects (CSES, EES, ESS, WVS), they demonstrate how political representation works and mostly leads to a fair degree of policy congruence between citizens and their representatives. They also present new insights on the sources of satisfaction with democracy and the impact of the economy on elections and political trust. The flyer includes the Table of Contents.

The book has been published on the occasion of the retirement of Jacques Thomassen as distinguished professor of political science at the University of Twente. The contributors to the Festschrift include Russell Dalton, Hans?Dieter Klingemann, Pippa Norris, Ola Listhaug, Hanne Marthe Narud, Jan van Deth, Peter Mair, Cees van der Eijk, Hermann Schmitt, Soren Holmberg and Rudy Andeweg. We are grateful to them and their co-authors for the impressive set of contributions they made to honour Jacques Thomassen.

We hope that you will enjoy reading the book. And please feel free to forward the above link and the order form to colleagues who you think will be interested.

Best wishes,

Martin Rosema, Bas Denters and Kees Aarts