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2 full-time researcher positions (1. Mass-elite issue congruence, 2. Behavior of elites and candidates) at UCLouvain

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2 full-time researcher positions (PhD researchers, M/F) in political science
At the UCLouvain (Louvain-la-Neuve), within the framework of the PARTIREP Interuniversity Attraction Pole (IAP)

The broader PARTIREP project
PARTIREP is a large interuniversity project operating over 5 years (second phase, 2012-2016), with a focus on participation and representation, through a comparative study of linkage mechanisms between citizens and the political system in contemporary democracies. It will bring together about 12 PhD students as well as a broad group of senior researchers, and will conduct different sub-projects around partisan and electoral political representation, the personalization of politics, and democratic innovation. It will involve extensive collection and analysis of data within Belgium, as well as comparative analyses across Europe, and will use a broad range of methodologies.

Job status & conditions
- 48 months
- Start: 1 August or 1 Sept or 1 Oct 2012 (to be discussed)
- Full-time (1 employed with salary, 1 employed as bursary; more or less equivalent net wage)
- Mandatory PhD research
- Based full-time at UCLouvain
- Operating within a stimulating research environment at the Center for Political Science and Comparative Politics (CESPOL), and interacting with a broad pool of senior researchers and ca. 12 PhD researchers in the PARTIREP project.

Generic skills/qualifications (both positions)
- Master in political science or sociology (political sociology) [diploma by Sept 2012 at the latest]
- High academic results
- Full mastery of French as working language
- Good passive knowledge of Dutch
- Good passive & active knowledge of English (written & spoken)
- Quantitative and qualitative methodological skills
- Strong ability to work in a team
- Motivation to participate in conferences, workshops, to take part in further methodological training and in publications
- Good knowledge of Belgian context

Profile 1
- Thematic project(for PhD research): Mass-elite issue congruence (surveys among voters and elites about issue preferences)
- Specific skills (methodological): survey design, data collection (quantitative), quantitative data analysis (various statistical techniques)
- Working knowledge of at least one of the following packages: SPSS, STATA, R.

Profile 2
- Thematic project(for PhD research): Behavior of elites and candidates in political parties, and candidate selection in political parties
- Specific skills (substantive): party politics and/or political campaigning
- Specific skills (methodological): skills in different methodologies (quantitative, qualitative, comparative (QCA), experimental, …)

Instructions for applications:
- Deadline: 30 June 2012
- Send the following 2 documents (electronic format only; PDF) to Mrs Françoise Welvaert :
o CV (including detailed academic results, year by year)
o Letter of motivation (please indicate clearly whether you apply for the “Profile 1” or the “Profile 2” position)
- Selection (interviews): 11, 12 or 13 July, in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
- Queries to be sent to: Prof. Benoît Rihoux (in charge of PARTIREP for UCLouvain) .