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Newsletter February 2013

Newsletter February 2013 to the member of ECPR’s Standing Group on Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour in a Comparative Perspective

1. The bibliographic database
The bibliographic database of journal articles on public opinion, voting behaviour and related topics has been extended. The newest file includes 531 journal articles on voting behaviour published between October 2011 and September 2012 in core political science journals. The database can be downloaded by the members of the standing group from

2. Membership development
When the standing group was established we were supported by 180 scholars who then became members of the group. The number of members has gradually increased to 355 in December 2012. Ioannis Andreadis in the steering group has worked out a report about the website and the membership development in 2012. This report is available at the bottom of the website front page:

3. Update your personal information
Recently we have noticed that some Standing Group members have moved to a new position and their old email addresses that were registered with are not functional any more. As a result, they were not able to receive POVB-ECPR News. If you have a new email address, please login to your POVB-ECPR account and update your email address before your old email account expires. At the same time you can update your affiliations and help us have a correct and updated members' list. You can check the information displayed about you at:

4. News submitted by members of the Standing Group:
Call for Papers: 2nd European Conference on Comparative Electoral Research Deadline: 28 February 2013

POVB-ECPR News is sent to the members of the ECPR’s Standing Group on Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour in a Comparative Perspective four times per year. Each issue contains a section with news submitted by members of the standing group. If you have a call, initiative or job vacancy that you would like to be included in POVB-ECPR News, you should login to your POVB-ECPR account and submit it as a new forum topic.

Best wishes from the steering committee.