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40th Anniversary Virtual Issue - European Journal of Political Research

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For four decades EJPR has been the flagship journal of the ECPR and a world-class political science outlet. Its editorial board includes some of the most active researchers in a wide range of fields of political science and international relations, across countries and continents. To celebrate the 40th anniversary, the editors have put together a special issue highlighting some of the key articles published during its history; all are available in full, free of charge to read online, alongside a commentary by both the selector (from the Editorial Board) and the author themselves.

EJPR 40th anniversary - nominations:

Nine second-order national elections - A conceptual framework for the analysis of European election results
Karlheinz Reif and Hermann Schmitt

A new political system model: Semi-presidential government
Maurice Duverger

Left-right political scales: Some 'expert' judgments
Francis G. Castles and Peter Mair

Dimensions and types of policy networks
Frans van Waarden

Delegation and accountability in parliamentary democracies
Kaare Strøm

Globalization and the transformation of the national political space: Six European countries compared
Hanspeter Kriesi, Edgar Grande, Romain Lachat, Martin Dolezal, Simon Bornschier and Timotheos Frey

Model specification in the analysis of spatial dependence
Thomas Plümper and Eric Neumayer

Read them online here!