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Posting Guidelines and Terms of Use

Please respect other members and the content of their posts. This may be a virtual community, but the people here are real and have real questions, thoughts and comments. Although we encourage healthy debate, we reserve the right to remove posts that in our opinion are abusive towards other members, defamatory, harassing, bigoted, sexually explicit, disruptive or otherwise exist solely to insult or violate these Guidelines. We may also remove user names when they violate these criteria.

We also reserve the right to ban people as we deem appropriate. Please be aware that posters who deliberately and viciously break the rules may be permanently banned with no warning. Ruling on whether a permanent ban is necessary is ultimately left up to the discretion of the board moderators and administrators. Please avoid:

• Inappropriate Language

This includes sexually explicit language, links to sexually explicit or inappropriate sites, vulgarities and swearing. The forum allows ages 13 and up and needs to have content appropriate for all ages.

• General Disruptiveness - spamming, trolling, derailing threads, etc

Trolls and spammers are banned immediately but sometimes a regular member is inadvertently disruptive and needs to be reminded about proper board etiquette.

• Attacking or Harassing Other Members

Belittling or attacking others for how they think or feel, name calling or debasement of any kind is not allowed. People are free to have their say within reason. If you think someone's post is unreasonable, please report them or place them on ignore.