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2010 Joint Sessions of Workshops in Münster

The standing group supported the following workshop proposals which were accepted for the 2010 Joint Sessions of Workshops in Münster (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster from 22-27 March).

Wouter van der Brug and Sylvia Kritzinger:
Electoral Change in the 21st Century: Dealignment or Realignment?

Aina Gallego and André Blais:
Personality and Voter Turnout.

Ann-Cathrine Jungar and Kevin Deegan-Krause:
Disassembling Populism (and Putting it Back Together Again). Collaborative Empirical Research on Interactions among Populism’s Attributes.

We have asked the workshop directors for permission to publish the description of the workshops as they appeared in the applications, and they all accepted this. The descriptions might be slightly revised at a later stage.

It is highly relevant for the members of the standing group to apply for participation in these workshops since they cover central research interests of the standing group.

Prospective participants should contact the director/s of the workshop in which they are interested in the first instance. An application to participate should include a short summary of the proposed paper, with an explanation as to how this will fit into the general theme of the workshop. Participants may attend only one workshop and are expected to contribute fully to one workshop for the whole period of the Joint Sessions. They should not, therefore, apply to more than one workshop.

Deadline for applications: 1 December 2009

On the ECPR web pages you can also find an overview of all workshops, and on the left-hand side you will also find general information about participation in the workshops and how to apply.