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Newsletter June 2015

1. The sections organized by the standing group in the Montreal General Conference
The two sections that were initiated by the standing group received a lot of paper applications (both around 70 each) and we were offered additional panels by ECPR. The two sections will both comprise 12 panels. Here are the links for these panels:

The Study of Elections: Comparative Perspectives, Methodological Challenges

Public Opinion, Political Attitudes and Values

2. The Constitution of the standing group
According to the new Framework for the standing groups and research networks, the SG should have a constitution and the framework indicates and prescribes what the constitution shall contain.
A proposal for a framework is available here.

This constitutional proposal will be discussed and voted upon during the business meeting of the standing group in Monteral (see point 4).

3. Election of new Steering Committee
There will be an election of a new Steering Committee at the business meeting in Montreal.

An election committee comprising Susan Banducci, André Blais, Zsolt Enyedi and Mark Franklin have - in accordance with the Constitution proposal - come up with the following proposal for a new steering committee:

General election and voting behaviour
Hanna Waas
Department of Political and Economic Studies, Helsinki

European elections (to the European Parliament)
Marina Costa Lobo
Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Lisboa

Political attitudes and values (public opinion)
Kees Aarts
Faculty of Behavioural, Management & Social Sciences Department of Public Administration University of Twente

If there are other proposals for one or several members of the Steering Committee, these should be sent to us before 10 July. The proposal should indicate which of the three subfields the alternative candidate should cover.

4. Business meeting
A business meeting of the standing group will take place during the Montreal General Conference. The meeting is scheduled on Friday 28 August, 14.00-15.30 and will take place in Jean-Brillant B-3290.

A tentative agenda for the meeting will be:

  • Report of the activities of the SG 2008-2015
  • Discussion and vote on the New Constitution
  • Election of a new Steering Committee

Other issues that members of the steering group will have on the agenda should be addressed to us before 10 July.

5. News submitted by members of the Standing Group:
Call for Papers: The 2014 European Parliament Elections in Perspective November 6-8, 2015 MZES, University of Mannheim

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Best wishes,

Oddbjørn and Sylvia