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The membership renewal process

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The membership renewal process will begin on December 1, when each standing group member will be able to log in to their MyECPR account ( and renew their membership. In much the same way as initially joining the group, this process is as easy as the click of a button. Members simply need to click on the "My Groups" tab, and select "Renew My Membership" next to the name of the standing group. The process should take no more than a minute or two. Those that haven’t renewed their membership before midnight (GMT) on December 31 will automatically be removed from the standing group member list. It will still be possible to re-join the group via the information page of the standing group, however those from non-ECPR members will once again need to be approved by the convenor. Given that a vital membership is a prerequisite for a vital standing group, we appeal to you to kindly take care of this process at your earliest convenience.

best regards,
Kees, Marina and Hanna