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Call for Papers: The Responsible Party Model in Times of Dealignment

Paper proposals are invited for the workshop “The Responsible Party Model in Times of Dealignment”, held at KU Leuven, 19-20 December 2016.

According to one of the central models in political science, the Responsible Party Model, political parties are supposed to compete with each other and offer clear policy positions that allow effective electoral choices and holding parties accountable. However, existing studies, electoral results and the media show that parties have been facing substantial societal, electoral, and organisational challenges in the last decades. Party identification and party membership has declined across Western democracies. At the same time, voter volatility and new party entry has increased. These developments affect political parties’ electoral and representational performance and they thus challenge the normative standard of the Responsible Party Model.

Keynote speakers include Robert Rohrschneider (Kansas), Zeynep Somer-Topcu (Texas/Austin) and Jonathan White (LSE).

The workshop brings together researchers interested in political parties, political participation and democratic representation. Normative and empirical studies are welcome, as well as those addressing methodological challenges and issues of causation connected to the workshop theme.

Please find the call for papers with more information attached to this email.

The workshop is jointly funded by the ERC project "Linkage Mechanisms Between Citizens and the State” and the Centres for Political Research and Citizenship and Democracy at KU Leuven.

Interested researchers are invited to send their paper proposals to before 27th June.

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