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How to upload the paper you have presented at the 5th ECPR General Conference

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Firstly, if you are not familiar with please watch the video tutorial at

If you already know how to use please follow the directions below to submit the paper you have presented at the 5th ECPR General Conference:

Click the link "Create content" (in the left sidebar) and in the new page click the link "Publication"

From the "Publication Type" drop down menu select "Conference paper"

Enter the following details:

Year (i.e. 2009),
Author Name(s),
Conference Name (i.e. "5th ECPR General Conference"),
Conference Location (i.e. "Potsdam,Germany")
Section Name,
Panel Name,
Keywords, (Separate keywords using the " , " character),
Abstract (click the link to expand the field),
and upload the paper (click the link "File attachments" to expand the field)

After attaching your paper click save and you are done.

Please note that while you type some text in order to fill in some of the fields (i.e. "Section Name", "Panel name", "Keywords"), the system will try to auto-fill the fields according to what you have typed. You should use this function, especially when you fill in the Section Name and the Panel Name, for two reasons: i) you will finish faster and ii) you will avoid entering a slightly different name which will lead to your paper not appearing in the same list with the rest of the papers presented in the same panel.