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St.Gallen Joint Sessions of Workshops

Dear members of the standing group,

The steering group has decided to support the following three proposals for the St.Gallen Joint Sessions of Workshops:

Empirical and normative models of voters, parties, and governments
Workshop directors:
Romain Lachat,
University of Zurich
Christopher J. Anderson
Cornell University

Innovations in the Study of Campaigns and their Effects
Workshop directors:
Thorsten Faas
University of Mannheim
Hajo Boomgaarden
University of Amsterdam

Issue Congruence and Policy Responsiveness in European Governance
Workshop directors:
Christine Arnold
University of Maastricht
Mark Franklin
European University Institute

The steering group will send the endorsement to ECPR soon, but we would like to know how many of you would like to participate in one of the workshops. If it is very likely that you will apply, please send an email to: Oddbjørn Knutsen ( before Friday 19 February where you indicate your name and the title of the workshop where you would like to participate. We will then report to ECPR in our endorsement that there is (possibly) a considerable interest in participation in the workshops. We know that this is an important criterion for ECPR when they choose among the applications.

Note bene: This is NOT an application for participating in the workshop, and you should NOT - at this stage - send an email to the workshop directors.

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3. New 5th ECPR General Conference Papers

Finally, we would like to remind you that if you would like to upload the paper you have presented at the 5th ECPR General Conference you should follow the directions available at

Best wishes
Marina and Oddbjørn