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6th ECPR General Conference, Reykjavik, 2011

The 6th ECPR General Conference was held at the University of Iceland, from 25 to 27 August 2011.

Sections supported by the standing group:

Old and new models in electoral research. Comparative perspectives.

Panels included in the section:
Comparative Studies of Social Structure and Party Choice
Economic Voting: The Impact of Recession Politics
Election Forecasts: Neglected Democracies
Issue Voting and Political Representation
Models of Voting Behaviour in German Federal Elections
Partisanship and the Vote in Europe
The Dynamics of Party Choice
The Electoral Cycle Revisited

Mass Politics in the EU: Public Opinion, Elections, and Referendums.

Panels included in the section:
Explaining the differences – Information Effects on Voting Behaviour in Europe
Issue and EP Elections
Party Strategy and Spatial Competition in EP Elections
The Role of Political Parties and Elites in Convening EU Referendums
Transnational Politics and the Vote
Who’s to blame? The role of institutions and economic context in allowing citizens to punish (and reward) governments