The European Consortium for Political Research Standing Group on Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour in a comparative perspective was established in 2008 to facilitate communication and co-ordination among scholars working in these fields of political science. It aims at serving this community by:

  • disseminating via its web site information on current research and relevant upcoming events;
  • sponsoring and coordinating panel, section and workshop proposals that members wish to submit for professional conferences;
  • facilitating collaborative projects to collect and disseminate bibliographic databases, syllabi, other research tools and teaching aids relevant for scholars of public opinion and voting;
  • promoting relevant training events (summer schools, replication workshops, etc.) in the field;
  • providing links to web-based sources that are likely to be of interest to members;
  • supporting by appropriate means any other initiatives.

At a business meeting for the standing group during the ECPR General Conference in Potsdam 10-12 September 2009 a steering committee comprising 6 scholars was elected.

The Standing Group is of course open to the entry of new members and any good proposal for new activities as well as ideas relevant for the above ones.

Suggestions for how to improve and develop the website are also highly welcomed.

Enquiries, suggestions and proposals should be written using the Contact Form link (visible only to authenticated users near the bottom of the left sidebar).